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tv   The O Reilly Factor  FOX News  July 12, 2011 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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i'm shep. see you back here tomorrow. bill billing -- >> bill: "the o'reilly factor" is on. tonight? >> no responsible leader would say united states of america for the first time in history should not pay its bills. >> bill: michele bachmann says she will not vote to raise the debt ceiling. is she being irresponsible? she will be here. >> as the defense sits by and as their champagne toast after not guilty verdict. somewhere out there the devil is dancing tonight. >> nancy grace being vilified because of many in the media because of her intense casey anthony coverage. ms. grace will reply. >> i'm so disgusted with the whole thing can i hardly speak straight tonight. >> bill: bernie goldberg will analyze my conversation with nancy grace and the harsh media criticism of her. caution, you are about to enter the no spin zone. the factor begins right now.
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captions by closed captioning services >> bill: hi, i'm bill o'reilly. thanks for watching us tonight. the brawl continues in washington over your well-being. that is the subject of this evening's talking points memo. if the federal government does not raise the debt ceiling by august 2nd, there will be an economic catastrophe in america. that's if president obama and treasure secretary geithner are saying. >> there is no credible argument. no responsible leader would say the united states of america for the first time in its history should not pay its bills and meet its obligations that would be catastrophic for the economy. everybody understands that. >> bill: not quite everybody. congressman woman michele bachmann says she will not vote to raise the debt ceiling, no matter what. >> i know that we can't keep spending money that we don't have. that's why i thought against the wasteful bailout, against the stimulus.
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i will not vote to increase the debt ceiling. i'm michele bachmann and i approve this message. >> now, mrs. bachmann is not alone there are other republicans who say they simply will not vote to borrow more money even if the president and the democrats approve dramatic spending cuts. talking points believes that is not a wise position. that if big spending cuts are agreed upon the federal debt ceiling should be raised for the good of the nation. it's the same thing that happened three years ago when president bush told the country the economy was about to collapse because the financial industry was going under. some americans didn't believe that but all the evidence says it was true. that the feds had to bail out the financial industry and that's what happened. same boat, different year. you can imagine what the worldwide markets will do if the u.s.a. defaults on obligations in august. all of us will suffer economically because foreign investors would begin to pull their money out of america. the dollar would plummet along
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with stocks. so a deal must get done. but president obama is making a huge mistake in trying to raise taxes now. why bother with that? just campaign on your economic position, mr. president. and if you get reelected you can raise taxes later. on the g.o.p. side, we need tax reform desperately in this country. we need to raise more revenue in smart ways. perhaps a 1% national sales tax. that could raise close to 100 billions a year that money a could fund medicare there are ways to get a deal done and make the country stronger in the process. raising the income tax is not one of them. how about a flat tax? summing up. the debt ceiling has to be raised. income taxes have to stay where it they are. government spending has to be cut dramatically. if those things do not happen we are all in big trouble. that's the memo. now for the top story tonight bring in michele bachmann.
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she joins from us indianola south of des moines. congresswoman i believe secretary geithner when he says it will be catastrophic for america if the debt ceiling is not raised. what say you? >> well, of course it's not true that anyone wants to see the united states government default on its debt and we don't have to because the fact is we have sufficient revenue coming in to pay off the interest on the debt. we don't have to default. we have a great bill that's being put forward by steve king of iowa. it would combine paying off the interest on the debt first with paying the salaries for our brave men and women in the military. we deal with the must haves like social security and medicare and then it's tough love. i agree it would be very sacrificial. the one thing we can't do, bill, is add another 2.4 trillion to the debt. >> bill: we know that. >> that's huge to add 2.4 trillion. we will be right back where we are next year. saying we have got to borrow again. we can't do that. >> bill: nobody is saying that the cuts -- the cuts have to
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come. are you saying geithner is lying? because geithner is basically saying we are not going to meet some of our obligations to foreign investors who hold u.s. bonds and who get interest from those bonds. we simply not going to meet those obligations congresswoman you know when that happens the foreign markets are going to go crazy. the dollar is going to plummet. stks are going to go crazy down down down. i don't think geithner is lying about this. >> bill, we can pay off all of those obligations. >> bill: he says we can't. is he lying? >> he is wrong. he is wrong. he is wrong. >> bill: so the treasury secretary is wrong. how do you know that? >> bill, because all you have to do is look at the books. we have sufficient revenue coming in. we can pay off all of those obligations first and we must. we always have. we always will. everyone needs to get their feathers down and not get ruffled because we can pay all of these obligations.
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what we can't pay for are all these continued wasteful programs in washington. you notice president obama has no interest in cutting back on all these wasteful programs. he intends to fully keep this spending up. he has no intention of cutting back on spending. >> bill: $10 trillion out. >> that's way out into the future. what he wants to do first of all, bill, is hike taxes on small businesses like ghent -- that's what he wants to do. his plan is we first raise another trillion dollars on taxes on small business then maybe way into the future we do some spending cuts. that's the wrong policy. we cut spending first. last resort is you raise taxes. you first cut spending. >> bill: submit to you congressman, you and me and geithner and all of that we can't prove what we are saying in the sense of default. but your own party members. >> you can if you look at the government's numbers.
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>> bill: no, no, no, boehner is willing, your own leader in the house is willing to extend that debt ceiling. is he willing to do it, congresswoman. your own leadership will do it. mcconnell will do it in the senate and boehner will do it in the house. you are the renegade here. those guys are saying we have to raise the debt limit. you know that. >> well, bill, me and two thirds of the american people if not more. >> bill: why is boehner saying that. >> quite clearly they don't want. >> bill: if you are right, why isn't boehner saying exactly what you are saying? why not? >> what i can tell you is what i am hearing all over iowa, new hampshire, south carolina, florida, texas, wherever i go across the country. people are saying to me, michelle, these politicians don't get it we can't keep raising the debt ceiling. that's why i'm adamant about it because that's what reasonable fair minded americans are saying. they are saying the politicians have to stop the spending they
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don't for a minute appreciate it when president obama is talking about the nfl lockouting and telling small businesses to eat their peas and suck it in and have more tax increases. this company that i'm at today, bill, they have lost 50% of their employees. and their margin is squeezed down to almost nothing on profit. government hasn't gone on a diet. its private business that's gone on a diet. it's time to have tough love and be just the opposite. it's the federal government that needs to go on a diet. >> bill: tough love is okay if all of the country doesn't get hurt. look, you know as well as i do. >> the country won't get hurt, bill if we cut back on government spending. >> bill: you know as well as i do three years ago when president bush came out and i thought he was going to throw up and he told you and me and every other american that this economy was going down the drain because the financial institutions were gonna go bankrupt unless the federal government poured all of that money in, which the federal government did and the financial industry didn't go under. so we got hurt but we didn't get
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hurt in the catastrophic way. it's almost like that now. and i'm just saying to you if it's presented to you as a congresswoman that the democrats and the president are going to cut and enormous amount out of their spending that would have to be the deal. they are going to cut an enormous amount out in return for raising the debt ceiling one more time, i think you have got to go with that i will give you the last word. >> they would have to cut an enormous amount, including they would have to defund obama care. because that's the largest. >> bill: that's not even on the table. >> in the history of the country. no. that's why i can't go for it because never will would he be able to balance our books ever in the future. we can't do that to american business. >> bill: remember one thing, if you win the presidency, if you are the next president, not going to be anymore obama care. you are going to repeal it? >> you bet i will. you can take that check to the
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bank and you can cash it. >> bill: your calculation now if you win or another republican wins, obama care is gone. the supreme court may do it even quicker. >> bill, i am committed to the full scale repeal of obama care. >> bill: we know that. >> we need a president that has a titanium spine. that's what i have. >> bill: titanium spine. >> go to michele they will hear more about michele bachmann's titanium spine. >> bill: all right, congresswoman always a pleasure. thank you. next on the run down, has juan williams gone crazy over taxes? we will find out. nancy grace getting pounded by the media for her casey anthony coverage. she will be here to reply.
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>> bill: impact segment tonight, raising taxes not a smart idea in the current economic client. president obama has already raised taxes to fund the new obama care law. has he not? that happened stopped our pal juan williams from advocating higher fax beings taxes on business and the affluent. juan, come on. let the economy breathe for a year or two before you impose higher taxes on people who spend money and create jobs. come on, that's just -- almost every economist says that now.
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>> no. you know what? this is very interesting. by the way, ha, ha, ha. i want to raise taxes. why do i want to raise my own taxes? nobody wants to raise their own taxes but i'm with three quarters of the american people who say you know what? this country is in serious shape by the way, bill o'reilly sthrkts best of the no spin zone. that interview with michele bachmann you wouldn't let her go, i think that was terrific. you told her this country risks catastrophe if we don't raise the debt ceiling. john boehner is trying to make a deal. tea party is blocking what's important for america. i'm glad you said that. >> bill: as i want to restate that nobody knows for sure, mary katharine, nobody knows for certain whether michele bachmann is right, that there would be enough income coming in through taxation to cover the immediate debts the country has or whether geithner is right. that he is going to be sitting there not being able to fulfill the obligations. it's impossible at this juncture to tell. but the risk is so colossal that when guys like geithner and
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mcconnell, not, you know, obviously conservatives, you know, they are saying, look, we want to make a deal. we have to do this ceiling rise. you have got to take that seriously. but, as congresswoman bachmann said she has a titanium spine here. >> listen, i think she is taking something very seriously which is the fact that -- what she is worried about if you go here, if you raise the limit, if you don't have significant spending cuts, let's talk about what's on the table. >> bill: that's never going to happen. boehner is never going to do it, ever. let's just throw that out. >> hold on, can i just make clear. we are not even talking about right now actual cuts in spending. what we're talking about is future cuts in spending for a the growth of spending. we're not actually like reducing the debt. >> bill: no, no, no. what's on the table. oh. no that's wrong. come on, mary katharine. >> that's not wrong. you are lessening the speed of the future growth is what you are doing according to these plans what we are talking about right now.
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>> bill: what boehner is demanding so everybody understands this because it is complicated and it's summertime. what boehner is demanding is specific spending cuts. >> in the growth of spending in the future, yes. >> bill: and i don't even think juan, the crazy leftist would support a deal unless you have specific spending cuts. >> hold on, guys. that's what she is saying. she in a situation where there is no deal and she is looking at the situation saying, look, there is not a good deal here for cutting spending right now. >> bill: she is not going to do it? >> point she is making every time you scream armageddon the answer is to spend more money eventually we are going to get back more debt. >> mary katharine, listen, what they have got right now on the table, according to eric cantor the majority leader of republicans in the house is an agreement by the democrats to cut trillions in spending. which is what republicans want spending cuts. they want entitlement reform.
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and, guess what? the democrats and president obama saying yes to entitlement reform you can't get the republicans -- >> bill: let me ask you a question, juan. >> do you know who came to the negotiation table the other way? pelosi who is not in favor of any entitlement cuts. >> bill: calm down mary katharine. look, juan, there is only a year and a half left before the election. not even -- less than that. president obama can just pull back and say, you know what? i'm not gonna have any spending income tax increases, i'm not. i'm going to wait until i am reelected. i will put it forth. people can vote yes or no on me. if i am reelected then i will raise the taxes. that solves the problem right now, juan. he doesn't do it. that tees me off. >> wait a second. is he not trying to raise the taxes on most americans. >> bill: sure he. >> most americans have had a tax break since obama has been in the white house: he is talking
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about tax cuts like people like the oil and gas companies. >> bill: leave it alone for a year and a half to the economy can breathe. leave it alone. >> the economy is not going because some multimillionaire has to pay a slightly higher tax rate. about 50 years low. i don't see it. >> bill: if you are right and the american people agree, obama gets reelected he does what he wants. leave it alone until then. campaign on it going to do too much damage to our economy, to the world economy. >> bill: wait a minute, can he get the debt ceiling. i have got to go mary katharine. >> they are right to be skeptical. there is no way you are going to get the cuts if you don't get them right up front. >> bill: juan can understand one thing you can get the debt ceiling raised if you drop the income tax rise. then it all falls into place. listen to me. >> you want income tax hike.
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you don't want an income tax hike you want a sales hike. isn't that regressive, bill? >> obama. >> bill: i don't want anything for a year and a half. let the folks. >> cut later. you will not get it like that >> bill: let the folks decide in a year and a half. factor exclusive nancy grace under fire for outspoken condemnation of casey anthony. she will be here to defend herself in just a f f
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>> personal nhl anchor nancy grace and casey anthony charged with killing her 2-year-old daughter. but the mainstream media has condemned ms. grace's coverage because of her extreme passion in the case. >> top mom casey anthony murder trial.
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the defense team promptly leaves the courthouse and goes to toast champagne in front of a window at a local bar. let me just say the devil is dancing tonight, to the mom in court today with the new carefree and casual look. hey, no need to dress like a a librarian now. >> with us from atlanta is nancy grace. first of all do you think you went overboard at all on your coverage of the trial. >> you know, bill, number one, thank you for having me but overboard? when there is a miscarriage of justice? no. i don't think i went overboard and. in fact, i think that term overboard is very truth. what i think went wrong is not me commenting or covering what happened in the courtroom but what went wrong is the jury verdict. now, listen, i respect our justice system. i have dedicated my life to our
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justice system since my fiance was murdered back in 1979. times working three and four jobs at a time so i could seek justice in the courtroom as a prosecutor. what is overboard is the jury verdict. >> bill: okay. but you have to admit that the way you presented the material throughout the trial was flamboyant. you nicknamed casey anthony to the mom. what does to the mom mean anyway, what is that? >> well, to you, i will finally reveal where tot mom came from. in law school i would give cases i had to memorize hundreds and hundreds, sometimes thousands of pages of legal documents for class. and it was easier for me to remember a case by the content of the case not the name smith vs. o'shaughnessy. so i would name each case by the content. in this case i needed content that would fit at the bottom of the screen so our viewer would know what we were talking about. and tot mom fit.
5:25 am
>> bill: it did sound like denigration. tot mom. >> i don't think it did. better be called bloody killer? would that be better? it's tot mom. >> bill: fair way to do this interview is the people who watch your coverage of the trial. certainly can make up their own mind whether you were fair, unfair or what you brought to the trial. i don't have to define it for thevment the more interesting question is why the media attack -- is attacking you so we vehemently. called you a monster. the "time" magazine television writer calls you immoral. david ziewr wick a smart guy writing for the baltimore sun says what do you think of tv coverage of the trial lawyers who go on tv talking about cases like grace who decide innocence
5:26 am
and guilt and ride that firestone sense of condemnation to ratings glory. you are getting pounded by these people. why? >> well, first of all, i know none of those people except for mr. brill who i have a great deal to, regardless of what he may say about me now, he put me on a show with johnnie cochran and really started my legal career. i owe mr. brill nothing but thanks. as to his comments, i don't know anything about that. >> he says she is a monster at court tv. she explains the legal process to the viewer but then injects -- he seems to object to, i think they all seem to object to that your tone of certainty and can i identify with that because i do the exact same thing that you do. when you present i. >> i offer. >> bill: there you go. i think she is guilty.
5:27 am
i'm 99% that casey anthony is guilty. but you are 1 hearse%. and -- 100% no doubt ever in your presentation, correct. >> if you take a look at the facts. i really don't see a need, bill, to sugar coat the truth. yes, it may be easier to pretend this was an accidental drowning of little cailee, a 2-year-old little girl. the facts simply do not justify that. the whole defense theory is nonsensical. >> bill: i agree. i said that on this program. i couldn't agree with you more. not one shed of evidence to show accident and alternative to the duct tape of the woman in charge of it the-year-old. i will go back. you must have some thought in your mind when i'm attacked and i am routinely i always know or think i know the motive of the attacker. what are the motives of these people? why are they after you? >> i do believe that some, for instance, tv pundits may attack
5:28 am
me because they actually want tot mom's interview or want the big get. so, therefore, attacking me may help them do that put them in good with the defense. >> bill: brill and zukerman, they have no axe to grind. >> on air tv pundits. the good thing for me is i don't care if i get an interview. i don't want tot mom's interview i don't care about that. >> bill: does it bother you brill called you moanster and the other guy says you are immoral? does that bother you? >> you know, if i listened to it and paid attention to it, of course it would be hurtful. but the reality is, it doesn't change the truth. and i am here to tell the truth and have been trying to do that since 1979. so, regardless of what some newspaper writer says in poor are a -- peoria or what some park avenue lawyer says on a national tv show in the morning, i don't care what they say. i know what happened in court.
5:29 am
there is only two alternatives this was intentional murder of a little girl or a felony chloroforming the child and she ended up dying. those are the only two choices. and that's a felony murder. and that is the truth. >> bill: all right. nancy, we appreciate you stepping up. thanks very much. plenty more ahead as the factor moves along this evening. bernie goldberg will analyze my conversation with ms. grace and whether the media criticism of her is unfair. also, prince william and princess kate go to l.a. perfect. we will tell you all about what happened and we hope you stay tuned to those reports.
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- hi, i'm halle berry, and as a new mom, i can tell you that childhood is a magical time. but for children with diabetes, life is not quite so carefree. the barbara davis center for childhood diabetes is fighting hard to find a cure. know the signs: irritability, excessive urination, weight loss. if you have any of these signs, please call your doctor. early detection can save your life. give to save lives and reach for the cure. call now or log on to >> in the hume zone segment tonight, president obama had a press conference continuing to show his concern over the debt ceiling debate. not much new. >> it's not going to get easier. it's going to get harder. so, we might as well do it now. pull off the band-aid. eat our peas. i'm prepared to take on significant heat from my party
5:33 am
to get something done and i expect the other side should be willing to do the same thing if they mean what they say. >> joining us now from washington fox news senior political analyst brit hume who watched the press conference today. i didn't get much out of it, did you? >> i thought it was a baffa performance on barack obama who has been the one resisting doing anything about spending although these many months now. you will recall when they were trying to fund the government. remember the so-called cr. i didn't want any spending cuts attached to that didn't want any spending cuts attached to the bill to raise the debt limit. now he is the guy who is ready to take on business heart and do all the rest of it for the sake of getting close to a balanced budget. it's been a remarkable turn about on his part. not at all clear that the deal the rough outlines of which has been described to us through leaks mostly from the white house was ever really agreed to by anybody lit alone democrats or republicans in the congress who are the ones after all who
5:34 am
would have to vote on it. he certainly didn't make himself sound like the big father figure who was looking upon the children of the united states as people he needed to protect and he was going to do that. it was quite a performance. >> bill: are you, brit hume, saying the president was disingenuous today? >> what i'm saying was that he played his new role to a t. and it was quite extraordinary. >> bill: you are not buying it, hume. you are not buying the new role. can i till are not buying the new role. >> the problem is we are all feeling this animal in the dark because we don't really know what has gone on in that room. john boehner came out today and said the tax increases are never really on the table. what we believe, bill, for what it is worth is that what they were trying to figure out is a way to exchange or boehner was trying to figure out was a way to exchange some very serious entitlement spending reform to include medicare and social security for a measure that would raise the taxes of those who are getting these exclusions
5:35 am
and loopholes in exchange for the lowering of rates in a tax reform package that is probably can't be done between now and the time they need to raise the debt limit and they are looking for some mechanism where they can trying that and they can't find it. >> bill: why don't they take my advice, hume. why don't they listen to me. leave the tax rate the way it is for a year and a half. president obama can campaign on a higher taxes. >> wait a minute. that's what he said. the president says is he willing to leave the tax rates as they are for the next year and a half. >> bill: cut your spending. >> he wants them to go up after that. >> bill: is he not going to be in office after that leave it alone and see what happens. let the folks decide, he demonstrates that he thinks you don't have any effect on business if you don't raise their taxes now but they are looking at significant tax increase in a year and a half. i think a lot of people would disagree with that. >> bill: leave the tax rate the way it is for a year and a half. give the economy some breathing room. cut your entitlement spending as much as you can and can you get the deal.
5:36 am
>> that's true but you can't. >> michele bachmann won't vote for the deal no matter what. >> she was right about one thing there is a stream of revenue from tax withholding that comes. in it amounts roughly to 60% of what the government is spending that leaves plenty of money to cover the national payments on the national debt or any foreign creditors or anything like that. there would, however, be major disruptions in other parts of the government. and i would think michele bachmann needs to answer this question. what does she say to the people in iowa, for example, who are poultry or beef farmers if the department of agriculture sends out a notice we are sorry we have to suspend meat and paltry inspections for the foreseeable future because we don't have funds to cover that that's the kind of thing that could realistically happen. that would shut the meat and paltry industry down. what would she say to those people which that came about that it's tough love? i wonder. >> bill: the answer always comes back there isn't enough money to
5:37 am
do what we have to do. we can't prove it or disprove it. we all have to be reasonable here and i hope they will be and so do you. all good americans hope we get a compromise and get this thing done for once and for all. leave the tasks rates alone it could happen. bernie goldberg on hammering nancy grace. is it unfair and why is it happening? then, william and kate escape to l.a. we will show you what happened out there. those reports after these
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>> bill: thanks for staying with us. i'm bill owe rilefully in the weekdays with bernie segment tonight. right to the purveyor of bernard the villeville occasionvilleville of course of nancy grace.
5:41 am
>> we're talking about nancy grace's performance one story not critiquing entire career. >> bill: correct. >> i happen to agree with everything she said to you. i am not as exercised as her many critics are what do they think she is guilty of? being rude, arrogant? being a know-it-all? being flamboyant? hey, when did that become a crime on cable television? if that were a crime, there would be a whole bunch of cable news people in cable tv jail. i mean, look, nancy -- and i'm not mexicoing any names. >> bill: good, i'm glad you are not. >> no. nancy grace sees herself as the judge and jury and if she can get away with it, she would also be the executionner. okay. that's not my style of journalism. but you know what? what i might sr. outrageous, what you might consider outrageous the people who watch her consider the unvarnished truth.
5:42 am
whatever she is guilty of, this is my last point. whatever she is guilty of, it isn't nearly as bad as what some other people do. when they interview friends, not acquaintances, friends who are prominent in the news, whether in politics or the law or whatever and they don't share with us that they are friends and then they do an interview and put it on as if it were a piece of journalism. that is worse than anything nancy grace does on her dog and pony show. >> bill: i still don't understand she couldn't tell me and so far you haven't been able to tell me. >> okay. let me try. >> me make one point before we go there. i don't watch a lot of judge judy or judge alex or whatever judge is on as i understand calted television but i know what they do. and ms. grace's program i will see once in a while in passing. but she doesn't do anything nancy grace that judge judy doesn't do. same thing except she is not a judge. she is a former prosecutor. but judge juted does the same thing. and they come in and they look
5:43 am
at a case and they say this is what i think and bing bing bing bing bing. the outrage against nancy grace. you don't hear judge judy getting pillared like that. >> judge judy is doing her little act there nobody takes that kind of show seriously. nancy grace, a former prosecutor, is talking about serious stuff. the answer to your question that nobody has answered yet. i'm going to answer it now. only a theory. that is nancy grace ask a no nonsense law and order former prosecutor. we can all agree on that. law and order most journalists are not law and order types. somebody talking about the defendant being guilty in no uncertain terms. they will jump after her. i bet you if this were 1960 and she were saying that bubba jones down in mississippi were guilty of killing that black man, i bet
5:44 am
they wouldn't jump on her on that. it isn't the passion in and of itself they are upset about. it's this particular case that reallyup sets them and her general what you called her flam boinsz. her judgmental approach rankles some liberal thinker who's don't like to think in terms of good and evil and right and wrong and that's what she does. that's what she sells. >> it would rankle them as much if it were a different case. >> bill: why would they be sympathetic to casey anthony who -- how could anybody be sympathetic to her? >> that's a very good question. let's make it easy on me for a second. we both remember those cases in the old south. people who were guilty as sin were getting off. that was wrong. that was really wrong. if nancy grace were as passionate and as dogmatic and as flamboyant and as know it all
5:45 am
about that saying are you kidding? this guy is guilty as sin. you couldn't find a journalist who would criticize that and rightly so. >> bill: all right. bernie, thanks very much. we appreciate it as always. reality check on deck tonight. william and kate in l.a. tim pawlenty likes lady gaga. is the world coming to an end? check is next. luck? i don't trade on luck. i trade on fundamentals. analysis. information. i trade on tradearchitect. this is web-based trading, re-visualized. streaming, real-time quotes. earnings analysis. probability analysis. that's what opportunity looks like. it's all visual. intuitive. and its available free, wherever the web is. this is how trade strategies are built. tradearchitect. only from td ameritrade.
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>> bill: back of the book segment tonight. relate check where the truth set us all free. check one, the group family loader asked a -- leader asked a sign a pledge about traditional family values. it included criticism of african american single mother families saying at least during slavery black children had two parents.
5:49 am
obviously that statement is loaded offensive and offensive to many including whoopi goldberg. >> dam it, i am sick of this crap. could you people get your ability together? you don't know anything about how slaves raised their kids or why people work together. just don't add stuff like that if you don't know what you are talking about. number two, you know, white people, black people, asian people, some of us are single parents, some of us turned out okay with single parents. you know what? stop pointing the finger at single parents. i'm sick of people who don't know what the hell they are talking about going off. i'm sick of it. >> bill: the group has now removed that slavery analogy from their point of view. check two, if you want to run for president, be prepared to answer questions about lady gaga. >> you know, in terms of the beat, i like bad romance. i got to say even though she is a little unusual, born in ways that got some appeal. she is actually very talented. >> bill: tim pawlenty likes bad
5:50 am
romance. all right. we don't know how many gaga fans will be voting in the republican primaries but there you go. check three the annual running of the bulls underway in spain. at least 10 runners have been injured so far according to the red cross. more will be as this nonsense continues. until the end of the week. one australian was gored in the thy. more -- thigh. one million attend the festival proving spain needs legitimate entertainment vehicles. william and kate visited los angeles over the weekend. william played polo for charity. >> the prospect of being able to let loose this afternoon is wonderful for me. but that's what is what sport is all about, be it polo, football, sorry, i mean soccer. [ laughter ] or whatever your preferred sport is sport more specifically helps young people to find purpose in life. a key element to the foundation that catherine, harry and i have
5:51 am
established. >> bill: the royals met folks like tom hanks and barbra streisand. polo match in santa barbara. no sign of dennis miller. we will find out where he was on wednesday. i'm surprised haven't seen miller out there with a little polo. check 5. coming up at 10:00 this evening. greta interviews the jury foreman in the casey anthony trial. >> when i signed off on the verdicts, the sheet a that was given to me, there was just a feeling of disgust that came across me knowing that my signature and her signature were going to be there on the same sheet. >> bill: the man asked to have his identity concealed and obviously greta and fnc honored that. anthony trial has made it over the national debate over terrorism. >> these foreign terrorists are or enemy combatants should be taken to guantanamo, tried in military commissions, new legislation that we passed just three years ago, presilsly for the purpose of dealing with foreign terrorists. these are not american citizens.
5:52 am
we just found with the caylee anthony case how difficult it is to get a conviction in a u.s. court. >> bill: senator senator mcconnell's remarks attorney general holder accused somali terrorists ahmed will be tried in u.s. civilian court. again, why? check 7, new pew poll asked overseas folk what is they think of the good old u.s.a. people in kenya like this country to the tune of 94%. better than americans like themselves. 8 a% of us have a favorable view of the country. 15% don't like it. nigeria, south korea, poland and france really likes us. they really like us. turkey, pakistan, egypt, jordan, argentina, mexico, don't like us very much. you know what? too bad. that is reality check. pinheads and patriots starring derek jeeter doing the amazing
5:53 am
up next. you go next if you had a hoveround power chair? the statue of liberty? the grand canyon? it's all possible with a hoveround. tom: hi i'm tom kruse, inventor and founder of hoveround. when we say you're free to see the world, we mean it. call today and get a free hoveround information kit that includes a video and full color brochure. dennis celorie: "it's by far the best chair i've ever owned."
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bin laden 0 t-shirts. we've sole 25,000. my book pinheads and patriots hundreds of thousands of those have been purchased by you guys, i appreciate it. stock up for gift-giving throughout the year. the sale is in motion, please check it out. >> now the mail: >> bill: i disagree alex. pathology of not reporting your 2-year-old missing cannot be overstated. this is an irrational, brutal act. you don't come back from something like that, especially when you claim innocence. >> bill: i wouldn't call the jury ignorant, not fair. they needed to focus. they need today to focus on reality. but they didn't.
5:56 am
>> bill: you have to persuade your representative to introduce legislation. you could do that by getting a petition signed by the good folks living in aurora, where i lived for two years, by the way.
5:57 am
>> bill: no, thank you cecil for your service. i'm glad you won. >> bill: virgin is a good airline all over the world claire, i'm glad they have the factor. >> bill: wave at us tony. august 20th, show almost sold out. all premium tickets are gone. a few other tickets, there isn't a bad seat, by the way. >> finally, pinheads and patriots new york. yankee shortstop derek jeter got his 3,000th hit. he got 3,000 hits saturday. go:
5:58 am
>> announcer: 3,000, history with an exclamation point! what a way to join the 3,000 hit club. derek jeter has done it in grand style! >> bill: the guy who caught the paul, the 23-year-old christian lopez gave it to jeter. what a generous thing. the yankees gave him a bunch of stuff. christian lopez and derek jeter are patriots. that is it for us tonight check out the fox news factor website. spout off about the factor from anywhere in the world. name and town if you wish to opine. word of the day, no potation when writing to the factor. again, thanks for watching. i am bill o'reilly. remember the spin
5:59 am
good of. >> good morning, it's tuesday, julyth. we again a setback for n.a.t.o. troops fight to free afghanistan karzai's brother assassinated overnight. what is means for mission ahead. >> and president obama is ready to get back to work, roll up his sleeves, showing reporters the day. >> this is the same shot you had yesterday, except we are wearing ties today. >> they will pick right up where they left off yesterday. who is the closest to blinking? and budget. even the president said marriage between a man and a woman. but when a conservative woman says the same thing? >> i am sick of this! you people get your act together! >> it makes her so different. fox and friends starts right


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